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Where to Search for a Wooden Puzzle

A wooden puzzle always has a classic look to it even though some are modern creations and they can come in various shapes and sizes offering different challenges. They can be decorative items as well as puzzles and this is what can make them so collectable as they are often built to be shown off. They can be found in some unusual places and these places can offer not only bargains but very unique one of a kind puzzles. Wood is not the most durable material so if you buy a second-hand wooden puzzle that could be decades old then there will likely be some damage to it so it could be that either the finish has worn off or it could be chipped. The present-day consumer has never had more places to find a wooden puzzle and you don't have to even leave your home as they can be delivered straight to your door but to find the more unique and unusual ones you may have to leave the house and visit some of the places discussed below.

The standard places you can find wooden brain teasers are the internet or a toy/puzzle store that has a physical location and these will likely have all the modern up to date ones that have been released in the last few years as well as some classics. The internet will give you many websites to choose from in which you can easily compare prices or look for a puzzle within a certain price bracket or if you know exactly what you want and the name of it then it is almost certain no matter what it is that you will get a result and will be able to purchase it. The internet also allows you to buy off other people who are selling there used or unwanted items such as a puzzle that, if you are lucky, may have never been used or rarely used so would be almost brand new and there is usually the opportunity to return it if it is not to your liking. Social media offers you the chance to connect with people who share your interests and if you can find somebody who also is enthusiastic about wooden brain teasers then they may know the best place to find them or have some for you. Another place to look on the web could be youtube as you might see a wooden puzzle there you like and by the name can search for where to buy it or they may in the video show where to buy it. You could even advertise online that you are looking for a wooden puzzle and that anybody who wants to get rid of their used one to contact you. Online you can also get custom made wooden brain teasers like a wooden jigsaw that could be in any shape you desire or have any picture on it.

Antique stores offer a wide selection of often unusual items and they are worth taking a gander inside and asking the store owner or the person at the counter if they have any wooden puzzles or would know where else to look to get them. Antique stores are still quite common in most towns with most still having one and if you are looking for a puzzle that is truly unique or is very old then this is one of the best places to look. The person working in the antique store or the owner may even know or have contacts that can help you find a unique wooden puzzle so it is worth enquiring. Antique stores can be found online and they can be for and dedicated to specific things as well so there will be websites that specifically deal with antique puzzles and this would be a great place to look if you are looking for something different than what you would find in a regular toy store.

Markets are another place you might be able to find a wooden puzzle but depending on the size of the market this can be a time-consuming task as there could be a hundred stalls or more but could be worth it as this could be a place in which you find something totally unique maybe dating back a long time ago possibly a hundred years or more. A market can have a stall that is almost a shop dedicated to selling a certain product or could be a stall set up by a regular person wanting to get rid of their unwanted possessions. The person selling the puzzle may not even know what that puzzle is really worth so there is the opportunity to get a great deal and find an incredible bargain if you have good knowledge of wooden puzzles. There are usually plenty of stalls at a market with and there is in most cases at least a stall dedicated to toys and this is where you could find a wooden puzzle or simply ask around to see if someone can point you in the right direction to a stall that you will find what you are looking for.

A garage sale is another opportunity to find a wooden brain teaser that shouldn't take too long to look through some person's unwanted stuff. There could be something of real value hidden within their "junk" that the person getting rid of it may not realize what the true value of it is and this is where you could get an incredible deal. Garage sales though can be unadvertised so you will have to keep your eyes open for one or listen out if someone says they know of one taking place but if it is advertised it could in a local shop window or newspaper. You should check the item you are intending to buy before you buy it to ensure that it isn't broken or damaged or if it is that you would be okay with it as it still functions or it could be potentially repaired and made to look almost new again.

A school fair could be a good place to look in which the pupils will bring in unwanted items from their homes and sell them off to raise money for a certain cause that could be for the school itself. It is likely you will find unwanted toys that the kids themselves don't want anymore and the chances are good that there could be a puzzle in the unwanted items they are selling so this is another place worth going to if you have the opportunity and the money as mentioned would likely be going to a good cause as well. If you are looking for a puzzle that is challenging and more aimed at adults then this is not the best place to look as the ones you will find here will be more like toys that the kids no longer play with so will be a decent place to look for puzzles that are for kids but beyond that you are likely to be disappointed.

A puzzle convention could be an ideal place to find unusual and unique puzzles and this could pertain to wooden ones as these conventions bring together people who have a huge passion and interest for a particular thing in this case puzzles as a sort of festival. Puzzles can be sold at these conventions and new ones shown off for the first time and it is likely the best way of meeting a puzzle enthusiast or expert in the flesh and talking to and getting advice from them on everything related to wooden brain teasers. If you can't find wooden brain teasers there, which would be surprising, then there will surely be someone there who knows where you can find them and find unique ones at that. Getting to this kind of convention may be tricky depending on the country you are in as there may not be one or if you live in a country like the US then you may have to go to the other end of the county to get to one which could be expensive and time-consuming so it would be worth researching about the convention beforehand before you decide to go to see whether it would be worth going or not.

An auction could be a really great way to find a one of a kind and unique wooden brain teaser and it can be done online or in person. The auction could be auctioning off numerous different items or might be specifically a puzzle auction or even more specifically a wooden puzzle auction. A note of caution though you will be potentially bidding against other people and that means the price of the item being bid for could escalate dramatically so it is worth knowing how much you are willing to pay for what you want before you start bidding for it and stick to that. There is however a chance for a bargain especially if you are the only person or one of just a few in for that item or those at the auction, including the seller, don't know the true value of the puzzle and they may even think it is just junk. It is very important to understand and know the terminology used at auctions such as 'Reserve Bid' or 'Buyer’s Premium' before entering one by researching and reading up on what they mean which should be easy to do via the internet. Likewise knowing the rules of an auction is vitally important as not all auctions go by the same rules and the result of not knowing the rules could be a costly mistake or not securing the item you want. The rules for a specific auction could be researched by looking online, contacting the auction directly or by watching the auction in person as a bystander how it operates and asking questions while there. Inspecting the item beforehand is essential to ensure the condition is acceptable and that the item is what it is claiming to be and to not inspect the item beforehand would be to take a risk which would obviously be riskier the higher the price is.

A lot of the places mentioned above mean getting a puzzle that is second hand and therefore not new so could be damaged either significantly or in a minor way and you should inspect it carefully and try it out before purchasing it. If it is damaged then it could possibly be repaired by yourself if you know what you are doing or by an expert with woodwork who could make it look as if it was brand new if you wanted and if you got the puzzle in an antique store I am sure the person selling it would likely know where it could be repaired or made to look like brand new if you asked them although altering it could impact its value in a negative way if you want to resell it in the future so be careful and seek advice on that. A newer or modern wooden puzzle, that is still in production and being sold, is likely going to be a lot easier to replace with the exact same puzzle if it becomes damaged and also obtain replacement parts for than an older wooden puzzle that is no longer in production and being sold as there is going to be a limited number of them.

In summary, there are many different places you could find a wooden brain teaser with each having its own advantages and drawbacks but it is worth looking or visiting a lot of these places as the chances of finding a unique puzzle will increase especially at an event like a convention or an auction.



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