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This website will review and provide articles on brain teaser puzzles and put them in one place for you to browse. These reviews are solely the view of the author of this website and have no association with the companies who produce these puzzles. The reviews are going to be for a wide range of challenges that are going to be suitable for different levels of abilities from starter puzzles for beginners or novices to advanced ones for experienced experts. These brain teasers can come in many different forms but will be categorised as metal, wooden, combination puzzles, jigsaw, books, audio and toys. This variety of challenges is going to test and can help to develop a whole range of different skills that will be discussed. The brain teaser's attributes will be noted in detail in terms of what it does or what it is capable of doing.
The review is going to explain what the challenge is and how many there are and give you a few hints as to how you need to go about solving it without giving the solution away. The look of the puzzle will be described and how well it has been crafted and if it is based on something from real life like a building or monument then how well it has been replicated. Background information, the creator of the puzzle or interesting facts associated with it will be talked about. The skills you are going to need to take on the challenge and that should improve or be acquired from it will be highlighted. The physical properties of the brain teaser will be described and how it feels to operate and if there are any issues with how it functions or potential issues that could come about in the future. If the brain teaser is a story in a book the plot will be summarized without giving the whole story away and the length of the book, the challenge described, how many challenges there are and the reading level declared.
The reviews are going to tell the reader if any additional items are required to use the puzzle such as batteries, the internet, pen and paper or a calculator. The educational merit of a brain teaser is also very important especially to parents looking for a puzzle for their child and these educational brain teasers will also be reviewed. The review will also focus on the safety aspects of the puzzles and what ages they are suitable for. How environmentally friendly these puzzles are will be examined for instance can they be recycled or reused for another purpose. The level of difficulty will be assessed by using such factors as the complexity of the challenge, how obvious the solution is, the number of pieces it contains, the number of manoeuvers you must undertake and how long it will take to solve.
Brain teasers are supposed to be fun as well as challenging so the fun factor will be a big part of the reviews. Their suitability for taking on your travels or for it to be done on the move will be stated or if it needs to be done in a fixed location such as at a table because it needs plenty of clear space. How easy the puzzle is to store away or if it is one that can be displayed will be mentioned. The reviews are going to explain to the reader if the challenge is a single or multiplayer or both and if it can be adapted to do both. Comparable challenges will be mentioned or puzzles that are part of the same collection or a challenge that is the next level up in terms of difficulty to give the reader examples of puzzles they can also try if they liked the one they are reading about.
The reviews are going to inform the reader how robust and durable the puzzle is and how likely it is to be damaged or what could potentially damage it. The faults of the puzzle are going to be examined and ways to improve the puzzle suggested. The reviews will also discuss the replayability of the puzzle with regards to how many challenges there are to it or how often you can realistically keep playing with it before it becomes repetitive and boring and what can be done to get extra use out of it or once it is solved and when completed what other purposes it could be used for. So these brainteaser reviews are going to try to highlight the most interesting and fun ones as well as give a thorough and overall view of everything they have to offer.
The website will also include information such as where to find replacement parts for such challenges as jigsaws or board games that can be easily lost. The information articles are going to provide a holistic view of brain teaser puzzles and discuss everything about them from the way to use them, the history of them, how to get the most out of them, the way to look after them, the benefits of using them, interesting facts about them, etc so the reader will be fully informed in this field and should have taken something of worth from each article. These informational articles can be categorised like the reviews but with an additional general category for general information articles on brain teaser puzzles.

Affiliate Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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