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Taking Puzzles on Holiday With You

If you are planning on going on holiday then it is always a good idea to take something with you to keep you entertained during the down periods be it at the airport, on the flight/in the car or whilst relaxing at the pool/beach when you have time on your hands and this is where puzzles can be ideal. A puzzle is one of the best ways to maximise these periods in terms of productivity as you can learn and develop your knowledge and skills and have fun in which you would otherwise be doing nothing or something that will not be that beneficial to you. So it can be a good idea to think about the times you will have on holiday that you will have nothing to do and plan in advance for this by bringing with you a puzzle or a range of puzzles to fill this avoid and ensure that you don't forget to bring them.

Your phone will be a good resource for puzzles and you will have brought it with you anyway so you might as well make full use of it. The types of puzzles you can get on phones varies such as audio puzzles, ebooks and games so you will have a range to choose from and will be able to choose one that you will most enjoy playing. There are apps you can download that are games that are in the form of a puzzle with there being many different challenges to choose from and as long as you have access to the internet you can download them from pretty much wherever you are in most countries in the world and they can be either free or relatively inexpensive to purchase. A mobile phone does have limited battery life and some games may drain the battery quite quickly so that is something to bear in mind if you are out and about and don't have access to a place where you can recharge the phone. Another factor to think about will be how much space you have on the phone and this will determine how many puzzles or apps you can download so you may have to delete a few things on your phone and maybe save them on your laptop/computer at home if they are particularly important to make room for the puzzles. Audio puzzles can be great for long car journies to keep everybody in the car entertained so can be a good way of fitting in a family activity in what could otherwise be a very boring experience and can be played out loud in the privacy of your own car. If you are just relaxing at the pool then an ebook is maybe what you are looking for and if your phone has a large display then it should be no problem to use your phone to read ebooks.

Books are what people often bring with them on holiday anyway but instead of reading a novel you can take and read a puzzle book and maybe acquire some additional skills besides literacy along the way. Books are great to take on holiday because they are often small enough and light in weight to carry with you and store someplace on you be it in a rucksack or handbag and you can with them simply bookmark the place you want to come back to when you have time or motivation to do so. A book can offer very short puzzles that are single question riddles or conundrums or it can be a mystery story in which you have to solve the overall mystery by using the series of clues given throughout the story. You don't even have to take a book with you as it is likely you can get a puzzle book from pretty much anywhere in the world you visit as there is bound to be a book store or a shop with a brain teaser book you haven't already read. If you can get that puzzle book in the language you want is another matter and will depend on the language you use, for example, if it is English then most book stores in the world will most likely have books, and likely puzzle books, in English especially the bigger stores but with other languages it may be more difficult. You could get a book that quizzes you about the country you are going to so you can test your own knowledge and acquire some new knowledge about the place in a fun way and the knowledge may even come in handy.

Newspapers and magazines are a good source of puzzles as they are easy to fold up and take with you from place to place and you can get them wherever you are in the world. Newspapers are sold at airports and they usually have a newspaper from most countries so you can pick one up in your own language when you arrive at the airport in the country you are visiting. These newspapers or magazines usually have a variety of puzzles like crosswords or sudoku puzzles that don't take too long as they are designed for people on their lunch break or for during their commute to work and the answers are usually provided if stuck.

Boardgames are a great bonding activity for a family holiday that is best done at the hotel as you are going to need somewhere that you can place all the pieces that come with a board game so you are going to need a table with a large clear surface area to place all the pieces of the board game on. This type of puzzle, more than most, allows you to perform it in groups or against each other and this adds a competitive element to it which can make it an even more fun and difficult challenge depending on the level of your opponents. Boardgames can be moving a piece along a board through the different parts and challenges of the game or a quiz in which the person with the most questions wins so there is a wide variety to choose and you can decide which one would be the most fun or suitable for the players involved. Boardgames come often with many pieces so you will have to make sure the container they come in is secure so that the pieces won't come out while in transport so you should check for holes or if the lid will come open easily or if the container is made from cardboard it hasn't deteriorated and could fall apart. There are board games specifically designed for travelling in which the container it is in will not take up much room in a suitcase but be big enough to contain all the pieces, and will be light in weight and robust enough to not get damaged easily in order to protect the contents within.

If you are out and about on holiday and need a physical puzzle to keep you occupied then a puzzle with one piece to it would be best as you don't want to have to keep track of a lot of pieces as losing the puzzle or pieces to it will be a big danger when you are going from place to place. The puzzle should be something you can use and that will fit in both of your hands whilst being light to carry and small enough to store away on you be it in your pocket or in a rucksack when you are not using it. There are plenty of one or two-piece puzzles out there that can be done in your hands like a speed cube or a maze or a metal disentangle puzzle so it will depend on your preference and the challenge you enjoy the most. It will be important to keep the puzzle on you at all times either in your hands or in your pocket or rucksack as putting it down on a table when you have something to eat at a restaurant may result in you leaving it behind by accident and losing it. When using a puzzle on the move be careful not to let it distract you and put you in danger for instance when you are near car traffic and in this situation you should put the puzzle away and be safe.

As mentioned earlier regarding logistics if you want to take a lot of puzzles with you then you will have to plan how you are going to transport them as you could either have to share them with whoever is going on holiday with you to share the load or bring with you a large suitcase or rucksack so you can see planning ahead is important. There are many suitcases that you can get that are large enough to contain many items or the things that you typically want to bring on holiday with you like your clothes and toiletries so you must ensure the one you have is adequate for the number of items you want to bring and if it isn't then you will have to look for a bigger one. These larger suitcases can have wheels on them so you can pull them along without having to lift them and carry them around to avoid putting too much stress on you. If you are taking a lot of puzzles then make sure they are not too big and have too heavy as at some point you will have to lift the suitcase and you want to be able to manage that.

In conclusion, there are many forms of puzzles that you can take with you on holiday that will keep you entertained whilst allowing you to possibly develop and acquire important puzzle skills at the same time but you just have to ensure you plan in advance which ones you will take with you and how.



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