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Puzzle Toys for Adults

I must first state that I am not a doctor and this article does not contain any medical advice, treatment or diagnosis (see disclaimer).

Toys are not just for kids even though there is somewhat strangely a stigma attached to adults who do play with them even though many do and there are many puzzle toys that are designed for all ages because toys that can have many benefits other than just being a fun way to pass the time. A puzzle toy is primarily something to play with that you can physically touch and transform but also has a puzzle or some sort of challenge incorporated into it that can be optional if you just want to use it as a toy or plaything. These toy puzzles can come in a variety of forms and sizes with many different challenges so there is certainly one that would appeal to you and some of these puzzles you could play with on the daily commute if you are not driving or during a work break in order to to make what would otherwise be a mundane period of the day into a fun and possibly productive one. So here are some of the possible benefits an adult can receive from simply playing with toys that have puzzles integrated into them.

Playing with puzzle toys will obviously demand and can help to improve your puzzle-solving abilities and there are a wide range of these skills that you can test that can help improve your mental abilities and keep the mind sharp. Playing with puzzle toys is an opportunity to be creative and potentially develop your lateral thinking which depending on the job you do could be very useful but is often an essential puzzle-solving skill that many kinds of puzzles demand with riddles being the best example but there are toys that will require you to use your imagination to complete them if, for example, it requires you to assemble or create something without instructions with the way to do this not being immediately obvious. Conversely, you can acquire logical skills from puzzle toys in which you have to solve the puzzle with sound reasoning in a structured and scientific way by planning and thinking your way through it step by step. Improved memory could be a major benefit of these kinds of puzzles especially when there are a lot of moves required to complete the challenge, for example, it could be if you make a wrong move you have to start all over again with the challenge and then you will need to remember all the moves you performed to quickly retrieve the position you were just in like a maze challenge. Hand-eye coordination is often an essential skill for puzzles that you perform with your hands that can be improved by playing them and there are plenty of these sort of challenges like a disentangle puzzle in which you have to take apart and put back together a puzzle that will consist of more than one piece and requires you to be able to use both your hands and eyes in tandem effectively.

The acquisition and improvement of life skills could be another benefit of puzzle toys and these skills can often be acquired just through playing with one without the user realising they are learning and developing these important skills. Determination is an essential attribute you can learn through puzzles as some of them require that you stick at them for a long period of time before you can complete them and it may mean coming back to them multiple times if you are stuck in order to solve them which is an important life lesson in general not to give up easily. A puzzle toy may have a time limit in which you have to complete the challenge by a specified time and this skill of working under pressure and to deadlines would obviously have practical use in the real world with most jobs requiring you to be able to do this. It may require organisation and planning in which you have to plan out how you are going to solve it, especially if it is complicated and requires many moves and by doing this you can save yourself time and confusion and the skills to do this are also often essential job skills. It could be a board game that could give you the task of managing your resources to maximise your chances of winning the game when you don't have everything you would ideally want to be successful and resource management would obviously translate to a working environment. Playing with a puzzle toy that requires you to physically move it and its parts or construct something can teach you about science and specifically physics and the way objects move and interact with each other and their overall physical properties so toys can have important educational value as people can often learn best when they are having fun.

Reducing stress is one of the possible benefits of puzzle toys as stress affects a lot of people and is a common complaint particularly with the challenges and demands of modern life that can be for many too fast-paced and many feel the need to get off the merry go round. It is also important to combat stress before it potentially develops into something more serious like depression and a toy could be one way to do this and may seem like a simple solution but can be very effective as toys require you to play with them which releases endorphins that can help to reduce stress and make you feel better. A puzzle toy can also help to keep your mind off whatever it is that is stressing you out as the challenge will demand your concentration and full attention for the period with which you play it. Stress can have an impact on your mood and therefore the way you interact and treat others which could damage relationships that are important to you if you are in a bad mood and say the wrong thing so a puzzle toy that could alleviate this stress and put you in a good mood could help to keep relationships intact and strong. The best quality of a toy is it is fun and it is, therefore, important to choose one that you will personally find fun and one that you will not find frustrating or boring as you don't want to potentially add to your stress but with a large variety to choose from it should be very easy to find one that appeals to you.

Puzzle toys can be social activities as there are multiplayer ones and require the participants to either compete against each other or to work in teams with teamwork being often an essential skill for a lot of jobs they could help you improve this skill. You could ask a work colleague or a friend if they know how to solve a puzzle toy you have and this could be a way of strengthening that relationship or a way of making new friends by letting them have a go with it. A puzzle toy such as a board game could be a good way to bond with a family member, like a parent-child activity, in which everybody involved can have fun while actually interacting with each other. It can give you an activity to do with someone else so you don't have to be concerned about what to say you simply play the game and have fun and hopefully conversation flows from that. Puzzles can be competitive but it often doesn't matter who wins the game rather taking part and having a good time are the most important objectives so if you are not the most competitive person it certainly doesn't mean puzzle toys are not for you.

Toys can make you feel young again and have a revitalising effect which could possibly be an important antidote if a person is feeling run down and drained from everyday life and maybe help to prevent serious mental health problems further down the line or burnout. A lot of adult life is spent doing serious tasks or things you don't want to particularly do that are obligations you have to do so a puzzle toy can be a way to counteract this by doing something that is fun that you want to do. The importance of feeling young will be ever more pertinent as you get older and old people will often seek out activities that make them feel young whether it be dancing or sports to capture this youthful feeling but a puzzle toy can be a more convenient and easier way to achieve this goal. Playing it with a child may also help to make you feel young again as you can experience their wonder at playing with a toy by watching and playing with them with it being a potentially good bonding experience at the same time. Toys can often trigger nostalgia maybe of a time when you were very happy in your childhood and this nostalgia could immediately put you in a good mood and maybe remind you of a precious memory you had completely forgotten about.

In conclusion, you can see from the possible benefits given how important toys could be to adults and what a simple but effective measure they can be against a lot of issues adults deal with in modern life and as stated previously adults shouldn't feel ashamed or embarrassed to be an adult that plays with them as they are for everybody.





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