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How to Make Time for Puzzles

It can be difficult in this day and age to find time for puzzles when you are so pressed for time with work and other such matters eating up a lot of valuable hours of the day so how can you find or make time for them when this is the case, well then hopefully this article will provide some answers for you. What is great about puzzles is that they come in many forms and many of them can be easily transported and can be done whilst on the move, although you should ensure it is safe to do so for example crossing the street while being distracted by playing with one would be dangerous, which means they could be done while you go for a walk or are on the bus to work as an example. There are a multitude of benefits to playing with puzzles during the commute to and from work such as it will make the journey more enjoyable, it will make this part of the day more productive as you can acquire a lot of useful skills from them that are transferable to other parts of your life such as work and will specifically during the morning help to stimulate and get the brain into gear so you are sharp and well prepared for the rest of the day.

Lunch breaks are another great time of the day to make time for puzzles as you will often be at a table or maybe a park bench while eating where you can place the puzzle down which would be useful for ones that are made up of more than one piece and have separable pieces that will require being kept track of so they are not lost. Lunch breaks will be the longest break you will likely get that day with some being up to an hour long so it's important to make the most of it by making it as much fun as possible so bringing a puzzle with you could certainly help in this regard. A puzzle could also be a good bonding exercise with work colleagues that could help you make friends or form stronger connections than you already have with your fellow workers.

Puzzles often look nice so can make great desk ornaments or paperweights which means that you can place them on your desk at work so they are readily at your disposal if you have a few minutes to kill because you are waiting for something or have completed all the required work at that time and have some spare time as a result of this. There are ones that are desk ornaments that often don't look like puzzles at all so your boss would never know what it is so could be played with discreetly without them ever knowing. You could even try to work faster and complete your tasks ahead of schedule and then reward yourself with the time you have created with a puzzle. It is very important not to let the puzzle distract you from your job and possibly get yourself fired so if there is a possibility of this happening you shouldn't bother taking one to work with you at all or only play with one during work breaks.

Phones which everybody has nowadays are a good source of puzzles that can be downloaded in the form of games or an ebook and means you don't have to carry around any additional items that you otherwise normally would have to. Puzzles on phones can often be saved midgame and then you can come back to them when you have the time or the motivation to do so. They can also come in audio format which means you could listen to puzzles whilst doing other activities or chores for instance on the previously mentioned phone that you cannot do with other forms of puzzles although these chores or activities should definitely be ones that are safe to do while listening to a puzzle as it can be dangerous to be distracted or not to able to hear what is going on around you. Listening to brain teasers whilst doing chores like cleaning up or doing the laundry will definitely make the experience more pleasant and make the time go by faster than it normally otherwise would do. Audio puzzles are also great for the car, especially when travelling long distances and as a lot of people spend a lot of time in the car then this is an ideal time to make use of what can be a pretty mundane experience. Families also tend to spend a lot of time in the car together so this could be an opportunity to do a family activity and bring the family closer together whilst having a nice time.

The time before you fall asleep whilst you are in bed could be another time of the day you could make more use of in order to create time for puzzle use instead of watching the TV which could lead to trouble sleeping. Although at this stage of the day you are likely to be tired so it would probably be advisable to find a challenge that doesn't require deep thinking as the brain will not be at its sharpest as you are just looking to relax and clear the mind before you go to sleep. The challenge that you choose also shouldn't be loud and make a lot of noise as to wake up anybody else in the house so maybe a puzzle book or an audiobook with headphones on would be best for this period of the day.

There are other situations in life in which you can fit in a puzzle such as waiting for a doctor's or dentist appointment whilst sitting in the waiting area which can be quite a nerve-wracking experience for many so a brain teaser could help take your mind off what is waiting for you. There will usually be magazines or newspapers lying around that will likely have challenges such as crosswords or Sudoku to help you pass the time but you will likely have your phone with you so this could be used to play puzzles with and will have the advantage of there being more choices for you to choose from.

Those of you who have families could have a game night instead of sitting around the TV, which most families do, as there are plenty of great bonding activities you can do that involve challenges such as board games that are aimed at the whole family which are specifically designed to get everybody involved and can make doing puzzles even more fun. Board games are not always just sitting around a table moving pieces around a board in turns they can be immersive experiences like an escape room challenge that could lead you all over the house looking for clues to solve.

So as you can see there are plenty of ways and opportunities during the course of the day for ways in which you can manufacture time to play with puzzles even with the most compressed schedule or hectic day that should lead to more fun and productive days and less wasted time but you should ensure that wherever you do the puzzle it is safe to do so and won't endanger you in any way.



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