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LSMY Pyraminx 3x3 Puzzle Cube Review

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The conception of the Pyraminx dates back to the early 1970s by Uwe Mèffert and is a variation on the Rubik's cube but in the form of a 4 sided pyramid with each side having one solid colour when solved either green, yellow, blue or red and is probably the second most recognisable speed cube after the normal 3x3 Rubik's cube. Each side consists of 9 triangular individual pieces that can be jumbled up into numerous combinations and the idea is to scramble the puzzle and then rearrange it into solid coloured faces again. Every turn you make will change the picture on three of the sides, unlike the cube shape in which 4 sides change with every turn and therefore you must keep track of these changes as you try to solve the puzzle as therein lies the difficulty of the challenge. This puzzle by LSMY is made from plastic which is typical for speed cubes so should last a long time and not deteriorate if looked after with care which also means playing with it the way it is supposed to be played with. As it is made of plastic it means it is light in weight but at the same time can't be easily damaged or broken so if you were to drop it onto the floor, for example, then it might even avoid being broken or damaged. It should also stand up to repeated and constant use which is an important requirement for any speed cube as speedcubers like to practice a lot as they are constantly trying to break their personal best times. The puzzle is easy to grab a hold of because of its shape and size so there shouldn't be much of a chance of it slipping out of your hands whilst operating it quickly. The individual pieces can be turned and twisted smoothly and the puzzle has no apparent issues with cornering which is what most speedcubers are looking for and there is little to no sticking or the individual pieces getting jammed up as these issues can all slow times down but if it does start jamming up then there is lubrication specifically for speed cubes that should solve the problem in most cases. As far as the appearance goes it is one of the more simplistic designs for a puzzle cube with it not being particularly interesting to look at compared to say the windmill shaped speed cube that can also be transformed into many strange shapes and the Pyraminx is more toylike in appearance so it is more likely you will store this puzzle away than displaying it which is easy to do due to its small size and could be placed in a desk drawer, for example, no problem with room to spare unless that drawer is tiny. This puzzle has brightly coloured stickers that won't easily be peeled off or become marked but they can peel off over time and once they do start to peel off they can become bothersome when you keep catching them with your hands or fingers so at this point it would be best to replace them with stickers specific to this twisty puzzle. The puzzle can fit in one hand but you will need both hands to operate it and is also light in weight as it is made from plastic which means it is not strenuous to hold for a long time while you play with it which means it is comfortable to play with. Due to its small size and the fact you don't have to take it apart to play with it means it makes for a good travellers puzzle as it should easily fit in a rucksack or suitcase or maybe even your pocket and can be done on the move for instance while walking although there are certain places like crossing a road that you obviously shouldn't use it as that is potentially a dangerous situation. A problem with speed cubes can be that the pieces pop out when playing with them but the newer versions of speed cubes and this particular design have been created so the risk of this happening is less than what it once was so you can try to solve it as fast as you can without there being a big worry of the pieces popping although there is always that risk. This puzzle can be a good one for destressing as it is fun to play with and manipulate due to all the twisting and turning that can be done with it and although it requires some concentration it is a concentration that is not too strenuous. Therefore it can have the capacity to, whilst you are playing with it, take your mind off whatever it is that is bothering you as your mind will be focused on scrambling and unscrambling it. The skills you will need for this puzzle and what can be developed by playing it are recall for remembering sequences and moves, the ability to learn from mistakes through trial and error, determination because with this type of puzzle it can seem like you are going around in circles until you find the solution and the ability to spot patterns which can all be used for other puzzles or transferred to other areas of your life like work depending on the job you do of course. The Pyraminx as with most speed cubes has high replayability as this puzzle cube can be jumbled up into hundreds of different combinations so you will get plenty of practice until you have figured out the manoeuvres and sequences required to solve all these various combinations but the overall name of the game is speed and to do it in the fastest time you possibly can until you feel you have reached your limit. Speed cubes are very collectable as they come in many different shapes and sizes and with different patterns on them and there are new ones being invented all the time but the Pyraminx has been for a lot of speedcubers a good starting point to their collection as it has one of the simplest designs and one of the easiest challenges. A lot of speed cubes are quite small as they are handheld puzzles so if you have a number of them they can be stored away fairly easily or displayed without too much clutter being caused. The level of difficulty depends initially on how much you jumble up the puzzle cube but in terms of overall speedcubes this one of the easier models to solve. It can be completed in 11 moves or fewer no matter how it is jumbled up with the moves to solve it also being quite easy to remember as well. I would say it is ideal for beginners or newcomers to speed cubes as they can learn with one of the simplest forms of the puzzle the skills and techniques required in order to have the confidence to take on more complicated twisty puzzles that have more sides and individual pieces. If you can't solve it by yourself then there are many websites and youtube videos dedicated to showing you how to solve the puzzle and a lot of them are done in a way that novices can understand and that will guide you step by step. In conclusion, this puzzle cube is a classic of the genre and offers a decent challenge to anybody who is not familiar with speedcubing and would be the ideal starting puzzle cube for someone who wants to get into them and is a brain teaser that can be played over and over again as the ultimate challenge is to achieve the fastest time possible which can be a neverending challenge.




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