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Guess the Puzzles Being Described

The following quiz gives a series of descriptions with each description describing a puzzle without using the name of that puzzle as this name is what you will be guessing. This quiz is a fun way of testing your knowledge of puzzles but it might also teach you a few things about them or you may learn about a puzzle you had never heard of before so have a go at the quiz and get guessing.

The answers to the following descriptions of puzzles can be found by scrolling down the page when you are looking for the answer after each description or by clicking here when you want to know all the answers.

Guess the following puzzles being described:

1. The standard 2D version of this puzzle usually consists of multiple separable pieces that are all flat and which all have part of a picture on them and these pieces connect to each other by inserting the tab of one piece into the hole of another with the objective being to connect all the pieces together so that a complete picture is formed by them.

2. This takes the form of a 3D square that usually has multiple rotatable layers both vertically and horizontally to it and the objective is to, first of all, rotate these layers by hand so that this puzzle's starting appearance has been jumbled up and secondly to then unjumble it so that it has its starting appearance again.

3. The goal of this is to find hidden terms in a grid of letters.

4. A handheld physical brain teaser which is a disentangle challenge and that always consists of at least one piece. which can be separable or not. that is a rigid single strand of metal.

5. This involves staring at a 2D picture pattern in a particular way for long enough that a hidden 3D image emerges.

6. This consists of seven individual pieces known as Tans and the goal is to place all these pieces next to each other so that they are touching in an arrangement that matches the shape that has been given to be replicated.

7. This involves two people competing against each other to be the first person to trap the other person's king piece so that it is impossible for this piece to avoid being captured and this is played out on a checkered board.

8. This can be walked through or held in a person's hands as it has different forms but whatever form it takes it will involve reaching an exit or a specific destination by getting through a group of combined paths from an entry or starting point and has paths that lead to dead ends or sometimes even paths that go around in circles.

9. The objective of this is for the person or people attempting it to successfully complete the sequence of challenges that are set in order to break out of the place/situation that this person or these people have been trapped in before it is too late and the time limit expires.

10. The task set by this is to figure out the answer or alternative meaning to what has been written or said because what has been written or said has been stated in such a way that it needs to be interpreted in order to know what it is actually asking for or describing.

11. The most familiar version of this involves a 9x9 grid that, to begin with, is incomplete as not every cell in the grid has had a number assigned to it and in order to solve it the rest of the cells of this grid must each be assigned a number ranging from one to nine however for each row and column of this grid the same number can't appear in more than one cell and this applies to every nonet in this grid as well.

12. This consists of 28 individual 3D rectangle pieces that are all the same size and shape with every piece having two numbers, with each number ranging from one to six represented by dots, on them and it can be played in many different ways meaning the objective of it can change.

13. This consists of removing a piece from a tall stack of 3D rectangle pieces and then placing this removed piece on top of this stack without any piece of this puzzle falling or a section/whole of this stack toppling over and this can be a singleplayer or multiplayer activity.

14. This involves one person being assigned the letter X to use and another person being assigned the letter O to use and then them competing against each other in turns by marking one cell of a 3x3 grid every turn with their letter and the first person to get three Xs or Os in a row either going vertical, horizontal or diagonal is the victor.

15. The goal of this is to assemble a course for a ball to roll down through and that this ball is propelled through this course from start to finish by gravity and without a person touching it once it has been let go of at the top/beginning of the course.

Answers to the descriptions of puzzles:

1. Jigsaw puzzle

2. Rubiks Cube

3. Word Search

4. Metal Wire puzzle

5. Magic Eye puzzle

6. Tangram

7. Chess

8. Maze

9. Escape Room challenge

10. Riddle

11. Sudoku

12. Dominos

13. Tumbling Tower puzzle

14. Noughts and Crosses

15. Marble Run puzzle




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