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Do You Know Who Invented These Puzzles?

Inventing a puzzle is an impressive feat that can make a person very famous and not just in the country they live or are from but around the world. There are puzzles that have been cocreated or in other words invented by more than one person and there are some very gifted individuals who have been able to invent more than one. There are some puzzles in which there is a dispute over who created them and there are many for which it is unknown to this day and will likely never be known who created them often because they were created a long time ago as there were a lot of puzzles that came into existence hundreds and sometimes even thousands of years ago and for some of them it has been lost to time who the actual inventors of them were. This is why the vast majority of puzzle creators you will have likely heard of are from the past few hundred years in particular from the 19th and 20th centuries and also because in the last couple hundred years many of the most popular puzzles of all time that are still played today have come into existence. If you are a puzzle enthusiast then you will likely have heard of most, if not all, of the inventors that are the answers to this quiz and even people who do not have that big an interest in this activity will have likely heard of a few of these creators. The inventors that are the answers to this quiz are from all over the world and are mostly male so test your knowledge and see how many of them you know or can guess right in this quiz.

The answers to this quiz can be found by scrolling down the page if you are looking for the answer after each question or by clicking here to check all the answers.

Guess who invented these puzzles:

1. Pictionary

2. The Tower of Hanoi

3. The jigsaw

4. 4D cityscape

5. Wordle

6. Pyraminx

7. Magic Eye

8. Sudoku

9. Rush Hour

10. The crossword

11. Cluedo

12. Rubik's cube

13. 15 Puzzle

14. The LEGO brick

15. Jenga

16. Where's Wally?

17. The Word Search

18. Tetris

19. Nonogram

20. Scrabble

The answers:

1. Rob Angel

2. Édouard Lucas

3. John Spilsbury

4. Shaun Sakdinan

5. Josh Wardle

6. Uwe Mèffert

7. Cheri Smith and Tom Baccei

8. Howard Garns

9. Nob Yoshigahara

10. Arthur Wynne

11. Anthony E. Pratt

12. Ernő Rubik

13. Noyes Chapman

14. Godtfred Kirk Christiansen

15. Leslie Scott

16. Martin Handford

17. Norman E. Gibat

18. Alexey Pajitnov

19. Non Ishida

20. Alfred Mosher Butts




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