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ASMR Puzzle Videos - What Are They and How to Get the Best Experience From Them

I am not a doctor and nothing in this article is to be taken as medical advice, treatment or diagnosis (see disclaimer).

I have been watching ASMR videos on Youtube for many years now and noticed as they have become more and more popular and therefore more of them are being produced to match this increase in demand that they have diversified into many different areas/themes one of which is puzzles. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response which is a tingling sensation that if experienced would be felt initially in the scalp and this feeling can then travel down and spread to the neck and sometimes even further to other parts of the body. ASMR videos seek with their visuals and the sounds that they contain to trigger an autonomous sensory meridian response in the person who watches them with the sound that has been recorded on them being captured with an ASMR microphone so that all the sound on the video will be an ASMR sound.

I have never personally felt this autonomous sensory meridian response that strongly when watching an ASMR video and I do find this type of video has often been beneficial or enjoyable for me but just not for ASMR-specific reasons. Some ASMR videos are deliberately made so that the person watching can get more out of the experience than just the ASMR sensation for example they could be made to be humourous or to inform about a subject and therefore the person watching wouldn't have to experience that sensation to enjoy these videos or benefit from them. Some videos are not intended as ASMR to trigger an autonomous sensory meridian response but do contain imagery or sounds that can trigger this sensation for some people so therefore a person could accidentally experience this sensation through a video without intentionally seeking it out. On the other hand, some ASMR videos are produced with the sole purpose of trying to trigger an autonomous sensory meridian response in the person who is watching it and therefore they may not really offer anything or much else of benefit to the person watching it as sometimes ASMR videos can just be autonomous sensory meridian response triggering sounds and a blank screen.

Sound in ASMR Videos

Different ASMR videos can contain different ASMR sounds and it can be that an ASMR video may contain only one specific ASMR sound or it can be that there are many different ASMR sounds within one. ASMR sounds vary a lot and can be pleasant, nice and relaxing sounds or they can be unpleasant, nasty and irritating sounds but it could be that the unpleasant ones rather than the pleasant ones are the sounds that trigger an autonomous sensory meridian response in a certain person or vice versa. Also, it should be noted what is considered to be a pleasant or unpleasant sound can depend on the person listening to it as some people, for example, may enjoy the sound of nails down a chalkboard and therefore would have no problem listening to it when for many people this is an unpleasant noise that they would seek to avoid. It could be that a person gets an autonomous sensory meridian response from one very specific noise or it could be that many different types of noises can trigger this sensation and therefore many different ASMR noises would need to be heard and experienced by that person to find the ones that bring about an autonomous sensory meridian response in that specific individual. Certain spoken words can also trigger an autonomous sensory meridian response for some people as can how words are pronounced or expressed for example if they are whispered or even screamed and of course, the imagery that goes with what is being said in the video can also be a factor in whether or not an autonomous sensory meridian response is experienced or how strong this feeling will be for the person watching. It can be the visuals from a video rather than the sound that triggers an autonomous sensory meridian response in the person watching it or that will give the stronger sensation of it.

Imagery in ASMR Videos

The kind of visuals or imagery that could be in an ASMR video that could potentially trigger an autonomous sensory meridian response is endless and would depend most of all on the individual watching it but could be an action a person or people are doing, it could be the colour or lighting, it could be footage of a device in operation such as a washing machine or it could be footage of weather and nature. The ASMR video may be shot in a way so that it directly addresses the person watching it or so that it would give a virtual reality experience either of which could enhance the autonomous sensory meridian response or be what triggers it in the first place for somebody watching it. The visuals or imagery of a video by themselves may not trigger an autonomous sensory meridian response for a particular individual but rather enhance the autonomous sensory meridian response when combined with the sound that does trigger an autonomous sensory meridian response from that video in that person or it could be both visuals and the sound combined are needed to trigger an autonomous sensory meridian response for that person.

Equipment and Video/Audio Settings for Playing an ASMR Video

The quality or types of headphones/speakers the person who is watching an ASMR video is using can have a huge impact on the experience and whether or not the person will achieve an autonomous sensory meridian response or how strong this will be. ASMR videos are best listened to with headphones to get the full effect and some headphones are specifically designed and have the selling point of helping to enhance and give the best ASMR experience. The volume will also likely need to be adjusted for each ASMR video and be put to the correct loudness which might be a high volume setting so that the full audio experience and every sound of that specific ASMR video can be heard and felt to potentially trigger the autonomous sensory meridian response in the person watching it. The video quality can also be another big factor as to whether the video can trigger an autonomous sensory meridian response in the person watching it and this can be determined by the type and quality of the camera that was used to record it. The better the video quality or in other words the higher the resolution of it the more immersive and possibly autonomous sensory meridian response triggering the ASMR video can be for the person watching it and this also means that the person watching it will need a device that can play videos that are of a high quality/resolution to be able to play these high quality/resolution ASMR videos without them slowing down or freezing as this would destroy the experience and potentially lessen the chances of them feeling these autonomous sensory meridian responses.

The size of the screen/monitor that the ASMR video is being watched on can also potentially determine the chances of the person watching it having an autonomous sensory meridian response and how strong this sensation will be. This is because the bigger the screen is the more immersive the experience the video can be and it also may allow for the finer details of the video to be seen more clearly which could be important details that can help to trigger the autonomous sensory meridian response in the person watching. Some people may never experience an autonomous sensory meridian response no matter what they try or only experience it very mildly and this might mean they have to try a lot of different ASMR videos or experiences in tandem with trying various devices and equipment with these devices and equipment also being tried on different settings before they know this.

The Environment in Which an ASMR Video Is Watched

It is not just the ASMR video itself or the equipment used to watch and hear it that can impact whether or not a person experiences an autonomous sensory meridian response or that can impact how strong this sensation will be for them but also the environment in which the experience takes place in and the person's mental and physical state at the time of watching it. Anything that would be a distraction and not allow the person watching the ASMR video from being fully immersed in the experience it is giving can ruin the chances of experiencing an autonomous sensory meridian response or getting a strong autonomous sensory meridian response from it. Potential distractions that could ruin an ASMR video experience could come from other people in the same room as the person watching one, any noise that can be heard that is not from the ASMR video being watched, a light that is coming from a source that isn't the ASMR video being watched or even any noticeable smell. The strength of either the light, sound or smell that a person can sense while watching an ASMR video is just as big a factor if not more so than the type when it comes to being a distraction. This is because it will likely be possible to ignore the distraction if it is only a mild or weak one no matter what it is but if it is strong then it will likely be a big distraction that could ruin the ASMR experience from the video for the person watching although if it is the strength of the distraction rather than the type that is distracting then this might be easier to deal with by reducing it than having to get rid of it completely.

The temperature of the room or place where the ASMR video is being watched might also have an impact on whether or not a person can achieve an autonomous sensory meridian response or how strong this sensation will be from the video particularly if the temperature is extreme as in either very cold or hot. Watching an ASMR video in extreme temperatures may especially enhance the autonomous sensory meridian response if this temperature matches the theme or the experience of the ASMR video being watched, for example, a winter weather theme may give off the best ASMR experience for the person watching it if watched in freezing or very cold conditions. People have claimed that being in colder rather than hotter conditions whilst watching an ASMR video makes it more likely that they will get an autonomous sensory meridian response from it or enhance this feeling from it and a few people have claimed hotter conditions work best for them and some people have claimed both hotter and colder conditions work for them as well. Extreme temperatures, though, might be a distraction when watching an ASMR video in them or not match the theme of this that I am watching which may take the person watching it out of the experience and therefore possibly make it less likely that they will get an autonomous sensory meridian response from it or that this feeling will be reduced.

The Frame of Mind to Be In for an ASMR Video

My mood or mental state when I am watching and listening to an ASMR video could also impact whether or not I experience an autonomous sensory meridian response or how strong this experience will be as having something on my mind could distract me or being sad could mean I can't immerse myself into the experience. Tiredness either physical or mental is something I do experience often and both can leave me demotivated and lacking in concentration which may mean I don't particularly want to watch an ASMR video or cannot get immersed into the experience that one is giving when I am tired but feeling tired might be the ideal time for me to watch one as this is what helps to trigger an autonomous sensory meridian response for me or that helps to give the strongest sensation of it to me. Being in a rush at the time of watching an ASMR video is another possible realistic scenario for me that could also mean my mind is not fully focussed on it or that I am not also able to relax and let the experience of it take hold of me with the result being I might not be able to achieve an autonomous sensory meridian response or the sensation be for me as strong as it could be from it.

The Popularity of Puzzle ASMR Videos

When looking for an ASMR video to watch I will mainly choose subjects or imagery and sounds that I like or interest me and puzzles is one of the subjects I will choose because it is a subject that is already a big passion of mine and a hobby just as it is for many people. As puzzles are popular with many other people it is no surprise to me that some ASMR puzzle videos have millions of views because a lot of people may not be hardcore puzzle enthusiasts but do have some interest in and take enjoyment from puzzles. Also, some puzzles, in particular, are contained in these puzzle ASMR videos that are popular to a lot of people besides puzzle enthusiasts as they are more of a toy than a puzzle which broadens and enlargens the audience who will be interested in and take enjoyment from them. As there is seemingly a big demand for puzzle ASMR videos since some attract millions of views means there are plenty of them being made and available to watch which leads to more diversity in terms of the content in them such as what puzzles are shown in them and how they are used in the videos.

The Ways in Which the Manoeuvring of a Puzzle Can Be ASMR Triggering

Some puzzles, from what I have seen and experienced, lend themselves better to ASMR videos and to inducing an autonomous sensory meridian response than other puzzles due to factors such as what can be physically done with or is possible to do with the puzzle, what noises it makes or can be made with it, how it looks and the size of it. Puzzles are made from different materials such as glass, metal, wood, plastic and cardboard which means there are a wide variety of sounds that can come from and be made from them. The size, weight and shape of puzzles or the pieces of them also vary a lot and mean the sound produced from them can differ significantly as well because these physical attributes of puzzles also impact the sound that can be made from them. How a puzzle is supposed to be played with and solved and then what else can be done with it to make noise without preferably breaking it determines and limits what sound will come from it and therefore how suitable or how well it would work in an ASMR video. If a puzzle can be played with and solved both aggressively and delicately without the risk of breaking it then that means different sounds can also be produced from it even when performing the same manoeuvre it will just depend on how forcefully this same manoeuvre is done to what type of sound is produced. The more different sounds a puzzle can produce the more chance there is that I will find that one of these sounds might trigger a strong autonomous sensory meridian response in me or this sensation in me at all when I am watching an ASMR video that contains this puzzle with all the sounds that can be made with it. An ASMR puzzle video will likely be a more immersive, interesting and enjoyable experience for me when there are more or lots of sounds to listen to that could keep me watching it for longer and therefore possibly increase the chances of experiencing an autonomous sensory meridian response or experiencing it strongly.

Some puzzles are very quiet to play and make little noise and might have to be played exaggeratedly for noise or sound to be heard on an ASMR video they appear on, for example, certain jigsaws. Some puzzles can only make a few different noises when played with which may get repetitive and boring quite quickly for me if watching and listening to an ASMR video with this kind of puzzle in it and this consequently may ruin the autonomous sensory meridian response experience for me. On the other hand, the fact it is so repetitive to listen to could be sort of hypnotic and relaxing for me and this may help to enhance or achieve the autonomous sensory meridian response the video seeks for me to experience. Whether it is possible for the pieces of a puzzle to come into contact with each other and then how these pieces come or would come into contact with each other determines the types of sound this puzzle can make or can potentially make as will the mechanism that allows the pieces of a puzzle to move or attach. The way pieces of a puzzle can connect can vary a lot for different puzzles as can the way the pieces of a puzzle come into contact with each other which means the sounds made from different puzzles can vary a lot. Therefore the fact puzzles can sound different means that all ASMR videos containing a puzzle won't sound the same and give the same experience and as more of these videos are produced there is always the possibility of me discovering a different or unique sounding puzzle that I have not heard before that could trigger a strong autonomous sensory meridian response. There are at this current moment in time already a lot of puzzle ASMR videos available to watch and within them, I have already seen and experienced for myself that there is a wide variety of different-sounding puzzles to be watched and listened to.

The speed at which the puzzle in the ASMR video is being operated/solved might also be ASMR triggering for me as some puzzles can be done extremely quickly like a speed cube that might be more triggering than a puzzle that is and needs to be operated/solved slowly and deliberately or it could be these slower puzzles on the other hand that do it for me in regards to triggering ASMR. There are ASMR puzzle videos that are shown in slow motion or have been sped up to some degree and they may have been done this was for more than just trying to induce an autonomous sensory meridian response for the person watching which might indeed work for some people. An ASMR puzzle video could have been sped up as it would have been boring for a lot of people to watch if shown at a regular speed such as a jigsaw being completed with a huge amount of pieces and when an ASMR puzzle video is shown in slow motion it could have been done this way so that I or any person watching it doesn't miss anything that is being done with the puzzle being shown especially if it's one that has rapid to perform manoeuvres to it.

The Ways in Which the Appearance of a Puzzle Can Be ASMR Triggering

The way a puzzle looks from what I have experienced especially when being manoeuvred in an ASMR video can be just as triggering if not more so than sound when it comes to experiencing an ASMR feeling or how strong this feeling will be. As both sound and visuals are usually needed for me to experience ASMR it is difficult to know with absolute certainty whether it is the sounds or the visuals of a puzzle from the ASMR video I have watched that gave me the stronger autonomous sensory meridian response or was the more important factor. However, some puzzles are certainly more interesting and enjoyable to watch from my perspective than others due to their shape, size, colour, material, the speed at which they can be operated, the number of pieces they contain, the mechanics of them and how they are operated. The more interesting and enjoyable the puzzle is for me to watch, the more engaged and immersive the experience of watching the ASMR video will be for me which may help to trigger the autonomous sensory meridian response the video is trying to provoke or intensify this sensation further.

I find colours can be very stimulating and enjoyable on a puzzle to look at especially when they are bright and there is a variety of different colours to look at although some puzzles can only consist of one colour and have no contrast in terms of shade or brightness and then there are other puzzles that do have these contrasts or are multicoloured. If a puzzle is multicoloured and the pieces or parts of it are different colours this can help me to distinguish and keep track of those different parts or pieces when I am watching the puzzle and those parts and pieces in motion and being manoeuvred especially when they are moving quickly. If I can't or struggle to keep track of the pieces or parts of a puzzle when watching it being performed, especially quickly, in an ASMR video because they are all the same colour then this could make it hard to see what is fully going on with the puzzle or fully appreciate how it operates which could potentially ruin the ASMR experience. A puzzle that is multicoloured and that has moving parts or pieces to it could also be a good choice to watch in an ASMR video because it could give a colour show when it is performed in which the different coloured parts or pieces of it might also blend into each other creating new colours and this all may help to trigger an autonomous sensory meridian response for me.

The material that a puzzle is made of determines what colour the puzzle is or the parts of it are unless it has been given a coating of some kind but the material of a puzzle can also be or be made to be reflective or shiny which might help to induce an autonomous sensory meridian response in me or even a powerful one. Materials and therefore puzzles have different feels to them such as rough or smooth depending on if they have a coating or what shape they have been moulded into or cut into that I might be able to sense and know what they feel like to touch just from watching them in an ASMR video without touching them which could be for me autonomous sensory meridian response triggering. Looking at the feel of one particular material or shaped or coated material of a puzzle in an ASMR video might be a lot more triggering than looking at another for me in regards to an autonomous sensory meridian response and some puzzles do have many different parts to them that will offer many different feels to them because these parts are made of different materials or these parts have different shapes.

There are plenty of ASMR videos about handling tiny/minute objects which must mean that for some people this triggers ASMR and puzzles can certainly fall into the category of tiny objects as a lot of handheld puzzles comfortably fit into the palm of an adult person's hand. This type of ASMR video with small/tiny objects is often shot with close-ups of the object so that it appears blown up which also helps the viewer to be able to better see it and the details of the tiny object and also there may even be other objects in the video used for size comparisons or to demonstrate just how small the object is. There are ASMR videos in which the person who is presenting it is using or showing large objects/items with the emphasis being on how large they are however these do appear to be a lot more niche than those with small objects/items but there are plenty of puzzles that are big and would work for this as well. Another aspect of ASMR puzzle videos that definitely could be autonomous sensory meridian response inducing for me is if the puzzles are shot close up, which a lot of them are, but the drawback of this can be that if done too close up it might be disorientating for me or be annoying if a part of the puzzle that I want to see at that moment is not in view.

The Person Presenting the Puzzle ASMR Video

The person that is presenting or that is in the ASMR puzzle video can be a significant factor in whether or not it can keep my attention by how entertaining or informative they are in it. If this person is knowledgeable about or skilful with the puzzle then this will much more likely keep my interest for longer so then I have potentially more chance of experiencing the autonomous sensory meridian response it is trying to give me or that I experience this sensation the strongest I possibly can. Although I haven't seen this in ASMR puzzle videos they could potentially have themes to them such as comedic, romantic or horror to make them more entertaining and possibly make them more likely to trigger an autonomous sensory meridian response for the person watching. The puzzle itself may already have a theme to it for example a horror puzzle but to give the ASMR video a true and full horror theme/experience the person in it operating and demonstrating the puzzle could dress up in a horror costume and/or put a scary voice on and/or even scary theme music could be added.

Reasons for Watching an ASMR Puzzle Video

The main reasons I like to watch ASMR puzzle videos are that I find a lot of them can be very relaxing to watch and that I have a big interest and passion for puzzles so I will naturally choose the subject of puzzles when selecting an ASMR video over other subjects as this is the subject that will maintain my interest. I never really watch a puzzle ASMR video just for the sole purpose of achieving an autonomous sensory meridian response but rather I usually watch one because Youtube has recommended it to me based on what I have watched on the site before which is a lot of puzzles as I have a huge interest in them and that what it has recommended contains a puzzle that intrigues me especially if it is one I haven't seen before. This means the more ASMR puzzle videos I watch on youtube, the more of them they recommend for me to watch and the better Youtube gets at finding the content of this type that I will like to watch. That there is so much variety in terms of types of puzzles out there and that this variety can be found in ASMR puzzle videos means watching ASMR videos that have different puzzles in them can give very different experiences in terms of the noises produced, what the puzzles look like and how the puzzles challenge mentally and physically the person solving them, for example, watching a crossword being solved will be a very different experience to watching a speed cube being completed.

As mentioned I do find a lot of ASMR puzzle videos relaxing and they do seem to have helped me to a certain degree destress or clear my mind in the past although this is not the first method I would use to relax and distress as I prefer and find other methods more beneficial such as exercise outdoors in the fresh air. Puzzles in general really do seem to lend themselves well to ASMR as a lot of them are played/solved in a relaxed manner and also make the sort of quiet noises that can be autonomous sensory meridian response triggering for the person listening to them when they have been recorded with an ASMR microphone and then are listened to in ASMR video. ASMR videos I find can be good to have on in the background whilst doing something else due to their relaxing nature or to help keep me entertained when the main task I am doing is boring. Having one on in the background when the main tasks I am doing involve my laptop could mean a desktop split-screen scenario or having it played on another device in order to still be able to easily see the images of the ASMR video as well as being able to hear the sound of it whilst at the same time continuing with my main task. A lot of puzzles can take many hours to complete so this means they can be filmed and turned into an ASMR video that will last for hours without containing any footage that loops or repeats itself. There are ASMR videos that consist entirely of footage that loops and repeats itself over and over again which lasts for hours that can get very repetitive and boring to look at and to listen to especially when the footage that is on a loop is very short in duration.

Seeing a puzzle completed by someone else can be a thrill to watch in itself especially if it took a long time for them to achieve or if it was a very difficult challenge to perform or solve and this would be another reason I may watch or persist in watching an ASMR puzzle video besides wanting to experience the autonomous sensory meridian response it is trying to evoke. Puzzles can sometimes be solved in numerous different ways and by watching ASMR puzzle videos I may see these different ways and also stumble upon a different approach to solving a puzzle than the approach I used which may be an easier or more fun approach that could give me a renewed interest in playing with this puzzle myself and trying this different approach. Watching ASMR puzzle videos could be a good way for me to find and possibly build connections with people who also share a passion for puzzles and these people could either be the people who created them or the people in the comments section who enjoyed them. ASMR puzzle videos not only show how to solve a puzzle but can sometimes show what else can be done with it or what other uses it may have besides being a puzzle that I may not have thought of myself and that could be useful to me or just interesting to try out. There are ASMR videos that I have seen that are made with the deliberate intention of helping the person watching it to fall asleep and I have even seen ones with puzzles try also to do this and have this intention stated in their title or their description that they are trying to help the person watching it to fall asleep. It might even help a particular person to fall asleep if they find puzzles as a subject in ASMR videos boring to watch or if they find the particular puzzle they are watching boring. Even for those who have a keen interest in puzzles, it can be boring when watching somebody else play with one or when there are certain puzzles with which they have no interest in either watching or playing either due to how easy they are or the type of challenge they present.

The Potential Negatives of Watching an ASMR Puzzle Video

A negative of puzzle ASMR videos I find is that some are quite stressful and tense to watch either in parts or the whole of it when what I am actually looking for is a relaxing and pleasant experience. They can be stressful and tense to watch because the person in them is struggling to complete the puzzle or because I am solving it along with the person in one and I find the puzzle difficult to solve. The sound a puzzle makes in an ASMR video can also be an issue for me especially when I am looking for a relaxing and pleasant experience as the noise some puzzles make, for example, scraping or scratching noises are for me at least and probably for others as well unpleasant and irritating to listen to and these sounds are often amplified for ASMR purposes. The way a puzzle can also be a problem as it could be ugly or boring looking to the person watching it or could be when in motion and being operated dizzying to watch or just too quick to see and follow exactly what it is doing. An ASMR video won't probably be the best place to learn how to operate or solve a particular puzzle or even to master one as it will likely have been made primarily to try and trigger an autonomous sensory meridian response in the person watching it and not teach them how to do that puzzle and therefore the advice given in it might even be wrong or not the best. The puzzle in an ASMR video is often done slowly on purpose or the most direct route to solving it has not been taken for autonomous sensory meridian response reasons and to try to get as much content from the puzzle as possible so a person watching it will not be seeing the optimal way or the fastest way the puzzle can be solved.

Puzzle ASMR videos do often show the solution to solving the puzzle they contain and may not have any kind of spoiler alert to warn of this so if it is a puzzle that I have not tried or seen before and would be interested in doing and I don't want to risk the solution being revealed to me but want to see what it is about then I have to be careful. Therefore I would make sure I only watch one from the very beginning up until just before the puzzle starts to be solved or I feel this is about to happen. I could even take no chances at all and just don't watch any ASMR puzzle video at all that contains a puzzle to which I don't want the solution to be revealed to me as some ASMR puzzle videos show the puzzle being solved right from the very beginning without warning and just find a non-ASMR video of the puzzle that states it is not going to show the solution or one that warns when the solution is coming.

An issue with a puzzle ASMR video could be if the person who is solving the puzzle in one is just bad at puzzles either in general or this particular one which might be annoying to watch for a puzzle enthusiast such as me and not what I want particularly when I am looking for a relaxing autonomous sensory meridian response experience. If the person in the ASMR video that I am watching does not look like they are enjoying the puzzle or they are not showing the best or most fun way to use it then this could impact negatively what I think of the puzzle if I have never used or seen it before and put me off ever having a go at it myself which I may have enjoyed. The way a puzzle is shot in an ASMR puzzle video is done for ASMR purposes which makes them sometimes only useful for this purpose or the entertainment value and not really for learning about the puzzle that is in one as I have seen in some of these types of videos parts of the puzzle not even shown or the puzzle only used in a way(s) that it was not meant to be. The commentary of the person who is doing the puzzle in the ASMR video I have found can be, for me at least, a negative as sometimes the commentary can be either unentertaining, completely unrelated to the puzzle that they are doing or so quiet it is difficult to hear what they are saying. The biggest issue I have with puzzle ASMR videos is that although I have an interest in the subject matter of them there are other ASMR videos from my experience that are not related to puzzles that do a far superior job of giving me the experience I want which is a relaxing and calming one and that experiencing an autonomous sensory meridian response is an added bonus but not a necessity.

Ways to Get the Most Out of an ASMR Video Experience

I have learnt there are ways for me to get the most or more out of the experience of watching an ASMR video that will either improve my chances of experiencing the sensation or just make watching one a more immersive and enjoyable experience. The best way is to eliminate distractions so that my only focus is on the ASMR video I am watching and to eliminate potential distractions I find it best to watch in full-screen mode, with no other people in the room, turn my phone off if I am watching on my laptop or only watch the ASMR video when I have nothing else to do or at least no other important/pressing task. Another way for me to get the most out of an ASMR video could be to avoid watching it when I am tired or try to watch it when I am at my most alert so that I can take everything in that it has to offer and also I am more likely to watch it for longer as I will have a greater attention span. Watching an ASMR video when my mood corresponds or matches with it would be a way to help to get the most out of the experience of watching it as many of them are made especially for people in a certain mood for example happy, sad, reflective or romantic. Watching one that specifically involves an interest of mine could also help me to get the most out of watching one as I will then, in this case, be more likely to be very engaged in the content it and thus more likely to want to watch it for longer or until the end which hopefully increases the chances of me experiencing an autonomous sensory meridian response from it or perhaps learning something new from it about an interest of mine. Selecting an ASMR video that will teach me something new could be a way for me to make watching one more than just experiencing an autonomous sensory meridian response or an experience that is entertaining or relaxing but a productive one in which I could acquire important or useful knowledge or skills, for example, another language.

Changing the location I watch the ASMR video might also help to make the experience of watching it more enjoyable for me if, for example, I switch from watching it indoors to watching it outdoors when the weather is nice. Watching it outdoors may also better correspond with the content or theme of that video which could help to make the experience of watching it more immersive and possibly even help to increase the chances of achieving an autonomous sensory meridian response from it. Whilst watching an ASMR video on my phone has the disadvantage of it having a much smaller screen than that of my laptop which for me makes it much less of an immersive experience it does have the advantage and makes possible the ability to do this activity easily pretty much wherever I go or am. This allows me to watch an ASMR video on my phone when I am out of the house which could be during a break at work or during my commute which are often ideal times for me to do this activity because I have time to fill and also no or very minor distractions and these conditions allow me to fully concentrate on this activity and therefore get the most out of it. Ensuring that the brightness is on a setting for whatever device I am using to watch the ASMR video so that I can see clearly everything in it to get the best experience possible from it and this means adjusting the brightness to the light in the room or space I am watching the device in. Listening to an ASMR video with headphones instead of speakers I find gives the best ASMR experience with the higher the quality of headphones used the better and some headphones have the ASMR listening experience that they can offer as one of their selling points so are usually easy to find.

Watching an ASMR video in HD when this is available and on the highest resolution it offers is also going to help to give me the best possible experience from it and get the most out of watching it as the higher the video quality is set to and watched in the more detail I will likely be able to see and these details might be very important to the experience it is trying to give. This can be an issue when the only device I have available to me to play it on is quite old or outdated and thus playing it on the highest resolution may on this older device cause the footage to slow down, stutter or even crash. Playing an ASMR video on a low-resolution setting can mean it plays smoothly but that the images shown could be blurry and that some details especially the finer ones are hard to see so getting a device that can cope with playing these higher quality ASMR videos on their highest quality settings might be necessary if I want to get the most out of them and not have the experience given by them ruined.

Custom ASMR Videos

I could request an ASMR video that I would like to see be made or just suggest what I would like to be in one to somebody who makes them either by leaving a comment on one of their Youtube videos or even by contacting them more directly. This could be a good idea when there isn't an ASMR video that has what I want to see/hear or experience from it currently available on Youtube or even elsewhere on the web and some Youtube video makers do take on board suggestions from their viewers when many request the same thing or one has a particularly great idea. I could even create my own ASMR video and by doing this I can produce one that has in it exactly what I want and also what I think would give me the best ASMR experience which could be a lot of fun to make and an opportunity to learn and develop new skills. However, doing this could take a lot of time and effort especially as I am a bit of a perfectionist who would want to fully actualize the ASMR video that I have in mind and would be doing this as almost a complete novice at making video content. Also, I don't have much spare time available to me at this moment in time so fitting this in would be a challenge in itself and there is also the problem that I don't have all the equipment necessary to do this and to do it to the quality I would want which would mean I would have to purchase this equipment.

Virtual Reality ASMR Videos

Virtual reality ASMR videos already exist but do seem to have huge scope for improvement as the technology used is likely going to get a lot better in the future in terms of the visual experience and how these virtual reality videos are recorded and this improvement could provide an incredibly immersive experience that might become the best way for me to achieve autonomous sensory meridian response or get the best sensation of it. A virtual reality video is interactive which gives the viewer more options or control over what they can see or experience when compared to a normal video as it puts the viewer in the video virtually via the use of virtual reality glasses/headsets. When the viewer of the virtual reality video puts on these virtual reality glasses/headset the view that is seen or presented to them is meant to seem as if it is a view from their own eyes in which they can look around at what would be in a normal video off-screen and not exist and even sometimes a have a total 360-degree view of their surroundings all the way through the video. Virtual reality videos can be watched without virtual reality glasses/headsets but this is a lot less immersive as an experience as it becomes more of a 2D experience than what is meant to be a 3D experience and I find this can be a very strange viewing that can be off-putting to watch.

3D Sound ASMR Videos

3D audio like virtual reality is also an experience that is available in ASMR videos right now that I have found can provide a far superior autonomous sensory meridian response experience than those videos that don't have it and is an experience which in the future could potentially get a lot better. This is because the technology of 3D sound in terms of capturing it and the devices used to listen to it are improving and being invented all the time and this will almost certainly continue going forwards which means creators of ASMR videos that incorporate 3D audio in the future should be able to offer a superior 3D listening experience or one that possibly has not been experienced as of yet. A quality 3D sound experience for me would be when the sounds that I can hear pop out, are crystal clear and are distinguishable from each other and when the 3D listening experience does feel like I am in the middle of or surrounded by sounds and that these sounds are 360 degrees around me. Headphones and speakers can both be used to listen to 3D sound but can give very different listening experiences as headphones I find can provide a more intimate experience and I can hear sounds with them in more detail which means I find headphones are well-suited to ASMR. Speakers, on the other hand, can be positioned to surround me to give what I would then say and feel is a more authentic 3D listening experience and the more speakers I have surrounding me, the more places and angles I can have the sounds coming at me from. I have even the possibility to put the speakers at places that are a distance away from me that match the closeness of the sounds that I am listening to which can create a more immersive and 3D-sounding experience that really can't be done with headphones.

The Future of ASMR videos

ASMR videos have only come into existence in the last 15 years and seem, from what I have noticed, to have only got very popular in the last few years as I have in recent years seen a lot more of them being recommended to me on Youtube and that a lot of them are now getting huge numbers of view sometimes in the millions. What seems very certain is that a lot more of them will be produced and thus be available to watch in the future and I have noticed that a lot of newer ones are already becoming more creative, have better audio quality, have better video quality, are better at producing ASMR noises and there is more variety to them in terms of style and subject matter which a trend that I think will continue into the foreseeable future.

The Current and Future Popularity of Puzzles

Puzzles are still very popular and there is huge interest in them and not just from puzzle enthusiasts because I see many Youtube videos about puzzles that have millions of views and all these people that are watching them will all certainly not be hardcore puzzle fans/players. New puzzles are still being invented and produced all the time and not just those that are played on a computer device but puzzles in the classic sense that can be physically touched and operated and maybe it will be some of these puzzles in the classic sense that will be invented in the future that will be well suited or possibly even better suited to being in an ASMR video than those that exist now. That there are new puzzles constantly being created/invented means there will also be constantly renewed interest in puzzles as well as the fact that new generations of people are constantly being introduced to them and I imagine solving a puzzle will always be a fascination to a lot of people for a long time to come or even as long as people exist.

Final Thoughts

In summary, there is so much variety in terms of the form a puzzle can take that ASMR videos containing different ones can give very different experiences both visually and in the sounds heard which means I have found the ability of puzzle ASMR videos to give me an autonomous sensory meridian response varies significantly as well. If I am looking for an ASMR experience though there are other subjects or content I would choose over puzzles when deciding what ASMR video to watch such as nature or city walks and would choose to watch an ASMR puzzle video more because I am interested in the puzzle being showcased rather than the autonomous sensory meridian response it is trying to give.



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